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OZO Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Gears for safer everyday 

OZO provides handpicked personal protection equipment that is designed with material science understanding the hazards and risk exposure. Keeping in mind factors such as health facilities, modes of transmission, pressure, and type of contact, duration, and type of tasks, we offer the best in class PPE gears. 


OZO offers higher-end masks such as NIOSH-approved N95 facemasks that comply with WHO standards. That has features such as:

  • Nose piece 
  • Facemask extends under chin
  • Mask ties 
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OZO offers nonsterile high-quality gloves, which can be used for patient care in a healthcare setup. OZO abides by the standards used for developing gloves that is suitable for patient examination. Features such as:

  • Material science – Vinyl, Natural Rubber etc.,
  • Length – 220mm – 230mm
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About OZO.Life

OZO proudly stands for "ONE ZILLION OPPORTUNITIES" for "GOOD LIFE". Our aim in LifeScience is to accelerate access to health for people everywhere. To that end, we collaborate with the global scientific community and offer high-quality products and solutions both for research and the manufacturing of chemical and biological drugs. We also provide products and solutions for diagnostics, environmental testing and industrial customers. We help scientists and engineers to solve problems at every stage of their work. Our lab materials, technologies and services help make research, pharmaceutical and biotech production simpler, faster and safer. Our aim is to be an enabler to scientific discovery by helping customers better understand biological function and disease. Our extended products range from lab water systems to gene-editing tools, antibodies, cell lines and end-to-end systems to manufacture drugs and we use our OZO's proprietary blockchain to ensure quality and authenticity at all stages